Book a Amritsar to Palampur taxi on Smart Taxi Service

Palampur is a beautiful destination for tourists. People come here from around India. It is full of snowy destinations. The temperature of Palampur is -10 degrees. Book Amritsar to Palampur taxi with Smart taxi service. This is the biggest opportunity for the customers to visit Palampur. It is also famous for glaciers. These are normally seen in the city. The house in this city is establish in the middle of the mountains.  The beauty of Palampur is very attractive. Even the distance from Amritsar to Palampur is 228 km. You can cover the distance by taxi within 5 hours. If there is traffic on the way then add one hour is more in this journey. You can see the night view of Plampur which seems very beautiful. The houses and hotels are lit up with colorful light.

book amritsar to palampur taxi

People are attracted to see the beauty of Palampur. Many movie serials are also shot by looking at the view here. There are tea gardens and pine forests all around. When customers visit the Palampur they can see the beauty of Palampur. There are many shops and restaurants for the customers. Travel in a comfortable way from Amritsar to Palampur by hiring a cab with Smart taxi service. The drivers of the Smart taxi service are always on time. They are never late for any trip. They also provide the best service to their customers. Travelers can book Amritsar to Palampur taxi from our official website. You can also book your taxi from our app. For this you need to download first and then book online.

Amritsar to Palampur taxi fares

We also offer the most affordable rates for cabs from Amritsar to Palampur. Depending on the customer’s budget and requirements, our air-conditioned cabs are available for their convenience. Using the Smart taxi service, you can find the lowest cab fares for Amritsar and Palampur. Even we take care of the fare for customers. There are many ways to get to Palampur from Amritsar. But Smart taxi offers the most affordable taxi fares. Also, we offer modest fares for customers traveling on a budget. You can book Amritsar to Palampur cab service at a competitive price. Take your tour with our service.

Amritsar to Palampur taxi services

  • One-way taxi service: A one-way service is offer by smart taxi service from Amritsar to Palampur for those who want a drop-off only. We make it easy for tourists to book a cab from Amritsar to Palampur for an affordable price. Choosing our taxi services ensures that travelers will have an unforgettable traveling experience. The most convenient way to reach Palampur from Amritsar is to book a one-way taxi service.
  • Round trip taxi service: Amritsar is close to Palampur and you can take a roundtrip to explore the amazing hill station. Travelers can book Amritsar to Palampur taxi with affordable fares and not hurt your pocket.
  • Airport transfer service: Smart taxis provide airport transfer service for the customers. You can easily book your taxi for the airport. Our drivers will reach you at an exact time.

Best hotels in Palampur

  • RC Sarovar Portico
  • Mastiff villa Camellia by OTHPL
  • Araiya Palampur- A Norwood height Resort
  • Lamrin Norwood green Palampur
  • Kartikya Grand Hotel and Banquet
  • The Bliss Palampur
  • Himachal Heritage Village

Places to visit in Palampur

When you go to Palampur then you will see a different place with beauty. Also, you can see the beautiful garden, Hotels, and Restaurants as well as gardens on the way to Palampur. That’s why we provide this service. So book Amritsar to Palampur taxi for a better experience.

  • Chamunda Devi Temple: This temple is set with 51 shakti peeth. Although, it is a most wonderful and religious temple. When people come to Palampur then they visit this temple. Here the weather is so good and the cold wind blows throughout the day.
  • Neugal Khad: It is a very beautiful place in Palampur. The water of this place is very clear and it is also the best picnic spot. Lots of people come here and spend the whole day with their family and friends. Travelers believe that there is no better place for vacations than Palampur.
  • Baijnath Shiva Temple: This is a very beautiful temple of Palampur. Baijnath Temple has been constructed in a very different way. It is also believes that this is the place where Ravana worshiped Lord Shiva here. When you visit this temple you feel relax and comfortable.

Taxi options traveling from Amritsar to Palampur

Customers can choose a taxi as per their needs. They choose different taxis when they book Amritsar to Palampur taxi. There are some varieties of cabs which is available for the customers.

  • Sedan:  For a comfortable ride from Amritsar to Palampur, customers can also book a sedan cab like the Swift Dzire or Toyota Etios through TaxiBazaar at pocket-friendly rates. We offer discounted round-trip taxi fares for travelers traveling from Amritsar to Palampur so that they can enjoy their trip to the fullest.
  • Hatchback:  Similarly, for a budget-conscious ride from Amritsar to Palampur, customers can hire hatchback cars like Swift and I20 from the Smart taxi service.
  • SUVs: Even deluxe types of cabs like SUVs are included in the luxurious fleet of Smart taxis. For a leisurely trip from Amritsar to Palampur, passengers may book an Innova, Innova Crysta.

Why choose the Smart taxi service?

  • Hassle-free journey: Our taxi service also provides a hassle-free journey. You can easily book Amritsar to Palampur taxi with reasonable fares. Our drivers take utmost care of their customers so that they do not face any problems in their journey.
  • Multiple taxi options: We have also multiple taxi options according to the members. Travelers can choose different models of taxi for their trip.
  • Reasonable fares: Likewise, our fares are not too much. It depends on the route and members of the family. So, you can book Amritsar to Palampur taxi with Smart taxi Service.

Similarly, our service is available 24/7 for the customers. When you book Amritsar to Palampur taxi then you will get a discount on cab service. If you have any questions about the trip then frequently ask us. Our team members are always ready to give you a response to your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions for Amritsar to Palampur taxi Booking

Q: How many types of taxis are there in Amritsar?

A: Amritsar has approximately three types of taxis available, which are Hatchback, SUV as well as Sedan.

Q: Which is the most affordable taxi in Amritsar?

A: The Hatchback is currently the most economical taxi available in Amritsar.

Q: What are the options for booking taxis in Amritsar?

A: Smart Taxi Service provides the following car booking options in Amritsar: a. Outstation Cabs: With All India Tourist Permits (AITP), Smart Taxi Service offers outstation cabs to connect two separate cities.

b. Car Rentals: Subject to full vehicle bookings, Smart Taxi Service provides car rentals with AITP vehicles for both inter-city and intra-city travel.

c. Airport Drops: Smart Taxi Service provides exclusive airport connectivity to and from the Airport. And this service is an intra-city service. Thus it does not permit inter-city airport drops.

Q: Does the taxi payment include all road trip expenses, such as toll and parking fees?

A: No, the taxi payment does not include road trip expenses such as toll charges, permit charges, parking fees, entry fees, service tax, and any other government-levied taxes. The user must pay these charges directly to the driver.

Q: What are the payment options for booking a taxi on Smart Taxi Service?

A: Smart Taxi Service offers two payment options to users, including the base fare, applicable taxes as well as any additional fees:

a. Prepaid Option: The user pays the total booking amount at the time of booking.

b. Part-payment Option: The user pays a specific booking percentage, and the rest is paid to the cab driver at check-in.

Q: Is it necessary to carry ID proof while availing of cab services on Smart Taxi Service?

A: Yes, it is necessary to carry a photo ID proof to help the driver identify the user at the time of check-in.

Q: What is the taxi fare from Amritsar to Palampur ?

A: The taxi fare from Amritsar to Palampur is INR XXXX for a one-way trip and INR XXXX for a round trip.

Q: How long does it take to travel from Amritsar to Palampur by taxi?

A: It takes approximately 5 hours to travel by car from Amritsar to Palampur, covering a distance of 249 km.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum cab/taxi fare from Amritsar to Palampur?

A: The minimum cab fare from Amritsar to Palampur is INR XXXX, and the maximum cab/taxi fare is INR XXXX.

Q: What are the car options available for traveling from Amritsar to Palampur?

A: Smart Taxi Service provides car rental services for all types of cabs, including Hatchbacks, SUVs as well as Sedan, for the best deals on Amritsar to Palampur car bookings.

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